Brief Intro of Hawach Sample Vial

If I ask you what a laboratory looks like, the answer might be the workshop with tons of test tubes and glass vials. That shows glass vials and tubes are essential settings for the hardworking scientists in the lab.

The scientists are always trying to find answers by performing tests and experiments, but many times the samples and specimens are difficult to obtain and the containers of poor quality might damage the sample. That’s why we always offer the glass sample vial products with high quality, including standard-certified automatic vials, caps, and septa.

Hawach sample vials are in three types: screw top, crimp top, and snap top, and you can find them in two colors: Clear and Amber. Under the good quality control, including height, diameter, bottom, thickness and neck, Hawach glass sample vials with good chemical compatibility can be fitted for autosamplers perfectly, and the OEM service as well.
We believe that you will achieve consistent and reliable results all the time.