Introduction of Crimp Sample Vial

The crimp sample vial is mainly applied in the clinical medicine and pharmaceutical industry. It could greatly avoid excessive evaporation of the samples by the unique crimping sealing method. It could completely work with the instruments of Agilent, Shimadzu, and etc.

Structure of Crimp Sample Vial

A whole piece of crimp sample vial contains three parts – crimp cap, septum, and crimp top vial. The crimp top sample vial shall highly match with its aluminum-made crimp cap and the PTFE or Silicone septum. The high-quality septum allows multiple injections. In conformance with the international standards, the design and manufacture of caps and septa shall ensure an excellent seal performance and high chemical compatibility.

Crimp Headspace Sample Vial

The headspace sample vial is used for the headspace analysis, especially for the volatile samples. Generally, there are 6ml, 10ml and 20ml volume vial for selection, with round or flat bottom type. Both types are suitable for sampling, but the round bottom one is more adaptable for storing samples since it could undertake higher pressures and withstand high temperature. The cap of the headspace sample vial must be properly and tightly pressed so that it will not affect the use of automatic instruments during the operation.