Matters Need Attention Of Sample Vial

The difference between Sample Vial
Sample vial marketed by Hawach Scientific is of different performance and features. Snap top sample vial and crimp top sample vial are of 12 x 32 mm scale, 2ml amber vial, 11 mm snap top, and 2ml clear vial. Septa and cap for screw thread sample vial are incompatible with chlorinated solvents, aromatics, hydrocarbons, and benzene chloroform and so on.

Storage vial is made of borosilicate glass, with 10-40ml sample volume, 22.5×50mm vial dimension. Screw thread top sample vial features in first and second glass borosilicate glass, includes 2ml, 10ml, 20ml and 40ml volume, 8mm, and 9mm caliber.

Matters Need Attention of Sample Vial

Potential hazards may have occurred in improper usage, so it is necessary to master some tips to prolong product service life and improve user performance. Incorrect use of clamp sample bottles may result in mechanical damage of automatic sample and sample degradation. Caps and pads should be assembled properly, or sealing property will be weakened.

The product cleaning process is also significant, so please pay attention to suggestions in product instruction. Spare parts selection and purchase are other aspects need to be attention, or performance and efficiency will be affected.