Overview Of Hawach Sample Vial

What is the sample vial?
Sample vials, also named as sampling bottles, purification bottles, aseptic bottles, clean bottles, filter bottles, etc., are essential for detecting pollution. According to International Standard, it is specially qualified for cleaning appliances so that the vial totally differs from other liquid samples.

Categories of the sample vial

According to the volume, the sample vial can be divided into 150ml and 250ml, which are respectively involves outer diameter 50mm * caliber 22mm * bottle height 130mm and outer diameter 70mm * caliber 30mm * bottle height 140mm.
In addition, the sample vial specialized for particle counter notably has three main applications. The first is collecting liquid samples for particle contamination test, and the second is holding highly purified reagents with the last—filling granular standard materials and standard samples.

Manufacturing Process

Take the sample vial which is designed for particle counter for example.
Its manufacturing requires technological process such as a high-precision ultrasonic cleaner, thousand-level clean air, stoving, sealing, etc.. It is also a container for testing particle counter of liquid contamination, suitable for sample collection, high cleanliness reagents, granular reference materials and samples for various liquid granularity tests.