To Know About Hawach Sample Vial

Sample Vials are an essential tool in the lab. These general purposes of glass vials are to provide exceptional resistance to heat shock and chemical leaching.

Our sample vials are always used in the field of a biological agent, cosmetics, high-value chemistry. And we have high-quality glass vials in a variety of sizes and cap sizes to meet individual applications. The vials are made of Type I borosilicate glass, which assures content integrity.

You can find clear glass for maximum visibility or amber glass for protection from UV rays in light-sensitive applications. If you are working with light-sensitive products, you can choose amber colored glass. The boron oxide particles in the glass are so small, that the silicate can be held more closely together. In result, the glass is much stronger for your needs.

Septa materials are divided into PTFE/silicone/PTFE, PTFE/silicone, PTFE. And you can find the closures in different colors, white, red and blue. The blue closure is pre-slit, and the red one is non-pre-slit.