Types and Maintenance Of Sample Vial

Types of Sample Vial

Hawach scientific are available in wide selection of types and complete accessories, including crimp top sample vial, headspace vial, storage vial, snap top sample vial, septa, and cap for screw thread sample vial, screw thread top sample vial, septa and cap for crimp top sample vial and so on. Besides, sample vial provides with flat or rounded bottom designs.

Store samples in storage vials can eliminate leaching of ions while maintaining a consistent pH for the life of your sample. Compared with crimp caps, snap top sample vials are generally more convenient and can be easily applied and removed by hand.

Maintenance of Sample Vial

Sample vial provided by our company consists of two kinds of glass colors, one is clear, and another is amber. Caps are lined with PTFE/silicone for excellent seal-ability and chemical resistance, which can assure the maximum level of seal security.

Storage glassware manufactured in borosilicate glass, which can protect samples from evaporation and oxidization. In application, a secure seal and the cap should be properly aligned. After using, sample vial should be immediately cleaned and dried, then placed in storing box.

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