What is HPLC Sample Vial

Sample vial is a necessary product for pollution detection and a qualified special instrument.
Classification of sample vial
150ml, outer diameter 50mm* diameter 22mm* vial height 130mm;
250ml, outside diameter 70mm* diameter 30mm* vial height 140mm.
Sample vial – application of sampling vial (filter vial) for particle counter
1. Used for the collection of liquid samples for particle pollution test;
2. Used for holding high cleaning reagents;
3. Used for holding granular standard substances and standard samples.
Process of sample vial
The special sample vial for particle counter is made by adopting a complete set of technological processes such as high-precision ultrasonic cleaning machine, 1000-level clean air shower, drying and sealing, etc. The sample vial cleanliness is a special sampling container for particle counter to test the liquid pollution degree. This kind of sample vial is suitable for sample collection of various liquid particle test, containing high cleaning reagent, particle type standard substance and standard sample.

2ml Screw Thread Top Sample Vials Crimp Top Sample Vials
This sample vial has the features of good material, high hardness and high transparency!