Why do We Need High-Quality Glass Vial?

Glass vials are small containers to hold your sample. After you place your sample in the vial and the vial goes into the autosampler, your sample is going to be separated and detected. To cut the cost of the lab, one of the choices is to switch the glass vials into the ones with lower costs.

But in fact, the problems will follow up with vial breakage, leaking samples, improper fit, and sample loss. It shows that reducing costs will cost more in the long term.

Your valuable samples are required for the glass vials that provide a safe environment before injection or long-term storage. Clearly, using high-quality vials is the only way that is appropriate for analytical applications in the lab. Keep your eyes on the features of glass vial manufacture. For example, when you are searching for high-quality glass vial, make sure that the vials are made from Type I borosilicate.

We offer high-quality Type I borosilicate glass vials in many sizes and cap types with strict quality control, including height, diameter, bottom, thickness and neck/thread. Clear glass for best visibility and amber glass for protection from UV rays are both available.

2ml Screw Thread Top Sample Vials
Snap Top Sample Vials
Crimp Top Sample Vials