://Types Of Three Sample Vials

Types Of Three Sample Vials

The sample vial is a device which is widely used in chemical and medical fields. Currently, sample vial provided by our company falls into three types: screw top sample vial, crimp top sample vial and snap top sample vial.

All of them provides with good quality and excellent chemical resistance and fits for almost all the chemical solvents. These three kinds of sample vial are meticulous in design and strict in quality control, which ensures auto-sampler operates seamlessly and avoids contamination of samples.

Types of Sample Vial

Screw top sample vial, crimp top sample vial and snap top sample vial are all well compatible with various auto-sampler and consistent in quality between batches. All three kinds of bottles are designed in clear and amber to better meets different needs. Screw top sample vial is low extractable, but its unique thread design guarantees a permanent and firm seal. Crimp top sample vial use certified crimp caps to ensure the good sealing property of the sample. Compared with crimp caps, snap top sample vial are more convenient in operation due to its unique snap design.

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